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Finding An Air Conditioning Contractor

Finding a reliable and trustworthy air conditioning contractor can be almost as daunting as buying a home or car. In many respects, making the right choice can be just as important. Find the perfect match and life is good. Choose wrongly and the home owner will be paying for it indefinitely.

The internet is a valuable tool in finding a listing of qualified specialists in your local area. Many of these reference websites also provide reviews from customers, which can go a long way toward the homeowner’s decision. The Yellow Pages also offer listings, but one should be aware that most listings in the Yellow Pages are purchased by the service, and are not screened or vetted by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau can also be invaluable in alerting you to any complaints that have been filed against the air conditioning contractor you are considering.

Narrowing the list down is only the tip of the iceberg. There seems to be a wide deviation between rates and charges amongst air conditioning contractors. Many combine the labor charges and the charge for replacement parts, while others itemize everything. Make certain when you speak to them via phone that you ask about all charges, how they assess fees, if there is a discount for regularly scheduled maintenance checks, and if they provide estimates before beginning work. Make sure that they do not require payment in full up front. This often leads to shoddy work, or worse. Last, but not least, insist that the air conditioning contractor be licensed, bonded and insured.

A very important question to ask the potential air conditioning contractor is what certifications they have. Many contractors are only trained to maintain and repair one or two types of HVAC systems. They are not all created equally. There is nothing worse than having a contractor install or repair a system that they are not familiar with, let alone certified for, only to have the system not pass an inspection codes.

High efficiency furnaces or heat pumps are often added on to an existing system. Communication is key when doing this as the responsible HVAC repairman will be able to make recommendations. However, keep in mind that often the recommendations are not based on the technician’s ability to maintain or repair the system, should it need it, but more on the cost (and his/her profit margin) of the unit. Comparison shopping is central and key. If you choose a system that the current air conditioning contractor does not recommend, however, find a new contractor.

HVAC Contractor Hub is a website offering local listings and recommendations. All of the businesses listed won't have to travel far to make a service call and they are often the most economic choice. By choosing a locally owned and operated air conditioning contractor you'll be keeping the dollars in your community.

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