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Maintaining Your Commercial Heating and Cooling System

Nothing devastates productivity in the workplace as an uncomfortable environment. Choose the wrong heating and cooling system for your building and everyone could be miserable. Part of creating an atmosphere conducive to high productivity is not only in the choice of heating and cooling systems, but also in the maintenance of the system. Nothing can halt a productive workforce by freezing temperatures and soaring thermostats. And, in the end, poorly maintained systems can end up costing most businesses a significant amount of money.

It is a daunting task to sift through all of the different kinds of HVAC systems available on the market today. After making the crucial choice, however, the responsibility does not end. Forgotten and neglected, many businesses often find themselves in an expensive quandary when their cooling systems stop functioning altogether.

Just as a person requires regular checkups with their physician, so too mush the HVAC system be monitored and cleaned on a regular basis. Twice a year is the generally accepted rate of inspection. In the long run it is an investment in the life of the system, but also an investment toward keeping your electricity overhead minimized and efficient. Most experts agree that on average a properly maintained system will save the owner around 35% on their energy bills as compared to those who do not. As you can see, a 35% savings is a considerable reason, alone, to maintain the equipment.

However, the bottom line isn’t the only reason the system should be maintained. The simple fact is that the longer a system goes without regular maintenance and inspection, the more likely the safety concerns. Faulty wiring, ducting, ventilation, leaks and damage to the system are all potential hazards to the building and to the workers. Faulty wiring by itself is enough of a concern to warrant annual inspection.

Maintenance services can be located through the Yellow Pages. Of course, word of mouth is always an excellent way to find and develop a long term relationship with a maintenance organization, but lacking that the Better Business Bureau is another way to verify the company’s work ethic and reputation. Waiting until the equipment fails is a costly mistake and one that the business owner should strive to avoid. Not only will this practice cost the owner twice the amount of money to fix, but in the long run cause untimely down time while repairs are being made. HVAC professionals will be able to readily identify and correct any defects or flaws to the system before they have a chance to grow larger or pose more of a threat to the building or the people in the building. In the end, one of the most critical tasks a business owner can often overlook is the maintenance of their heating and cooling systems for their businesses.

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