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How to Find A Heating Contractor You Can Trust

It is a sad truth in life that not all contractors are created equally. Horror stories abound on the Internet of scams, frauds and, ultimately, of heartbreak at a job left unfinished or cost overruns. So how can the average home owner project himself? Knowledge, as they say, is power. A plethora of consumer resources are available on the Internet to make the search easier, and gaining qualified information and education is key to a long and lasting service relationship.

Find a directory listing of heating contractors that work and live in your area. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 3-5 contractors make a bid on a project. Note their names, contact information and if the companies are licensed and bonded. The credentials are crucial and if they do not have these prominently displayed on their ads or websites, walk away.

Once you have the basic information down, then proceed to narrow down your list. Do the listed contractors offer emergency services? Do they offer discounts if they have a maintenance plan with you? Are they licensed and bonded? Does anyone in your community vouch for them, or recommend them on any websites? What is the possibility of meeting the contractor for a free assessment of your energy needs?

Next, take the list you’ve made and go the Better Business Bureau’s website. Type in the names of the contractors or their companies and see if there are any complaints on file, or legal proceedings pending. Any of these are signs that you would be better served looking elsewhere. It is often tempting to hire someone who is a friend of a friend, or someone who is not licensed or bonded because they promise to save you a lot of money up front. Statistics are not in favor of this, with most consumers left holding the bag and having to go back and fix the shoddy work.

A great resource for those looking for heating contractors in their area is the HVAC Contractor Hub online. Simply put in your zip code, and in seconds you will have a list of competent and licensed heating contractors. Unbiased consumer reviews are also located on this website, giving you a nice recommendation for someone you are considering using. Knowledge is power and the more you educate yourself on your heating needs, the technology available and the current quality of service personnel, you can be assured of enjoying your home no matter what the weather conditions.

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