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Finding a Trustworthy HVAC Contractor

Is one HVAC contractor just as good as the next? In short, the answer is: no. How many reality shows are there which depict poor homeowners out of luck because they didn’t exercise a little due diligence to find out if the contractor they hired was trustworthy, licensed, and had a good reputation? Unfortunately, many people choose their contractors by pricing and not by any other criteria. Experts state that using that as your only guide is playing housing Russian roulette. The following are some key considerations when making your decision.

First, stay local. Who do you want to have to call in an emergency? Someone who is two hours away, or someone who can be there in ten minutes or less? Who do your neighbors use? Are they happy with him/her? What about the local churches and synagogues? Who do they recommend?

Next, the HVAC contractor must be fully credentialed as well as any technicians that work for him. Often unscrupulous HVAC contractors will have the necessary training themselves, but their work crew do not. This is not a problem if the contractor does the work himself. However, as so often occurs, they relegate the lesser repairs and maintenance work to the technicians, who have little to no formal training on your model.

Shop. Get no fewer than 3 quotes, with 5 being even better. This is so you can perform a side by side comparison of rates and services. Do not settle for someone simply because they seem to be the best price. Often the price will initially appear to be lower, but then the hidden labor fees, costs for parts, and other hidden fees appear, often making them the worst choice for your money.

Look for a HVAC contractor that is not going to do the job once, then make themselves scarce thereafter. You want someone who will be in this for the long haul. An important question to ask the potential service is whether or not they have customer support after the system is installed, and if such support costs additionally. Make sure that this is stipulated in any contract you sign.

Is the person who takes their in-coming calls personable and friendly? Are they helpful or do they put you on hold indefinitely? Often the customer service representative is a reflection of the company, so if you are turned off by the receptionist, chances are the company is just like him/her.

It’s a pain, but you have to make yourself read the fine print. Ask about the policies that involve delivery dates, inspection times/dates, repairs, maintenance plan, and warranties(and what they cover). If you can, find a company that offers commission to their agents based on service, not sales of units. Sales-based commissions just make you a walking dollar sign to unscrupulous agents who may attempt to sell you accessories that you do not need. Ultimately, education and being fully aware of the pitfalls can assist you in avoiding them and locating an HVAC heating contractor you will be satisfied with

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